Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Super Simple Egg Salad

I have a thing for salads. Not the leafy, healthy, green kind of salads. No, I'm talking egg salad, potatoe salad, bean salad. Those kinds of salads where it's a big yummy mixture. The other day I made an egg salad for lunch from a recipe that I love. I found this particular recipe on allrecipes.com. If you haven't checked that site out before, definitely pop on over and do some exploring. I've found some pretty amazing lunch/dinner ideas just from browsing around. The name of this recipe is Jen's Heavenly Egg Salad- and let me tell you- it really is heavenly. SO creamy and super simple. If you're looking for a quick yummy lunch sandwich and you loove salads(you know what kind I'm talking about!)--try this out.

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