Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Day of Laziness

Mmmm. Everyone should have an occasional day where they pack a picnic, hit the road and drive to the unknown. It was a lovely picnic and the basket did its job well. Although it didn't turn out the way I'd pictured, the lining proved easier and less complicated than I had anticipated. I may re-line it again sometime in the future, but for now, I think this will do. I'm happy with the fabric-- I think it has a sort of vintage feel to it (which I'm all over, of course!).So, with picnic basket, puppy & two sisters in tow, we set off to a small park I hadn't been to in years. And while I tried to convince the other two that they had indeed been there before as babes, they would not believe. We sat under a huge old tree (don't you love those kinds?) and ate our sandwiches, chips, and homemade brownies. Yum. It was a little on the warm side (fall I'm ready whenever you are) but there was cloud cover, so that helped. Overall it was a lazy, beautiful day.


Estela said...

LOVE the lining in the picnic basket!! Your puppy is precious too!

Cakespy said...

I echo the need for days like this. And I am in love with your pup. So cute!